Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Once again the greatest week of the year is upon us and the kids a super ready! Korean Culture Camp, better know as KCC, is a week long Korean love fest. The kids all have friends that they spend the days learning about all things Korean, however the favorite part of the week for most of the campers is the FOOD!

Minnehaha Academy, a Catholic school in Minneapolis is the host for the event. This year sort of like in Hotel rooms, they left some New Testaments laying around and Jimmy "found one". This was his first year of not being a camper but being a Teen Helper, which is the goal of every kid that comes to camp, and he loved it. Every night however he would comment on how different it was being a helper and not a camper.

 He was responsible for a group of 8 Kindergarten kids, and he lucked out because his partner was non other then Shin Bee. So in his downtime in the classroom he began reading Proverbs from the aforementioned, stolen Bible. We informed him that starting out  learning about the Catholic Faith,was probably not a good idea stealing the Bible number one and number two reading Proverbs. His comment was " Highly Detailed and Confusing reading."

Kay enjoyed her final year as a camper, making paper machete masks, doing dance and having a blast. She had several friends she would hang out with during lunch and always was smiling. She had a partner in crime again this year, Lesia, who rode to camp with us everyday and hung out after with Kay. The two of them would talk about boy bands, hair color and the latest in nail polish, girl stuff.

Billy had it all going on this year, and was the center of attention in his classroom, which says quite a bit for our introvert. He was able to show case some of his skills during Taekwondo Camp, and was a tad disappointed in the lack of Pokémon enthusiasts among the 4C homeroom. He was way deep into Pokémon last year and had all his cards with him everyday, just in case.

The kitchen was awesome as ever however this year there was one thing missing, drama! There was no real food related drama, except a small discussion regarding the boiling of Chap Chae noodles which when resolved went Tom's way,, very pleased. The menu each year is pretty much the same, Bulgogi, Chap Chae, chicken wings, chicken Bulgogi, and Mandu, along with a pallet of rice and somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 gallons of Kimchee, the kids flock to the Kitchen like Bee's to Honey, Fabulous!

We ended the week with a family bike ride to a local restaurant and then up to Brook view golf course and lawn bowling to watch a movie, Big Hero Six, outside on a big screen, while eating popcorn and laying on blankets, cozy and fun!

The kids are already counting down until next year, always a fun time ...more to come..