Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Jimmy and Sue

For the last 14 years we've had a tradition of celebrating Jimmy and Sue's birthdays together. Jimmy's birthday is 8/22 and Sues is 8/23.  Usually we get them tickets to a sporting event (Twins, Blue Jays, etc) this year is no exception - the Vikings were playing a pre-season game at The Bank. Sue was excited because she's never been to that stadium and Jimmy was just excited to see the Vikings.  Unfortunately, they decided not to attend the game because of weather (tornado and thunderstorm) warnings. Probably good they didn't go since the stadium was evacuated 3 times and delayed 90 minutes. BUT...Vikings did prevail and won.   Although, we know from past experience that preseason play is NO predictor of how they'll play in season.  Instead Sue (bless her heart) offered to take Jimmy and 2 of his best friends bowling and for dinner. They bowled 3 games and watched the Vikings game on TV in the sports bar. Overall still a pretty good birthday:)

We started the celebrations Friday night with pasta, meatballs and brownies (Sue's favorites) and then lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch with Grandma Kay and Grandpa Jeremiah (Jimmy's choice). In typical teenage fashion, Jimmy was VERY particular about what he wanted for his birthday and so ended up with 4 Ralph Lauren pocket tee shirts, a Ralph Lauren bucket hat, cash and a Clemson Nike shirt. Overall a pretty sweet birthday.

On the morning of his birthday Kay woke up and said ... is he 14 now?  urghhh....
When we asked why that response, her reply - only 1 year until he's driving and 2 years until he gets his drivers liscence, I'm not ready for that!  (us either Kay, us either)

The festivities also included a sleep over with Miles, James and Anders, pizza, wings, cupcakes and a few gallons of chocolate milk. Teenage boys. They stayed up until 5:30am and Tracy got up for work a mere 30 min's later.  Again ..teenage boys. I think summer has made them nocturnal.         

Jimmy, you are a fun, sweet, smart, kind, passionate, talented and funny person. You are a great friend, good student, coachable athlete and helpful.  Don't change. We love you just the way you are! (and, if you can put off the hard teenage years for a few more years, we'd appreciate it!  A huge thanks to the village that loves and nutures Jimmy ( Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles and cousins, teachers, coaches, birth mom/dad, foster mom/dad, doctors, social workers, friends, godparents, neighbors, his friends parents, the list goes on and on.  THANK YOU! We love you all and are so blessed by each of your in our and Jimmy's life.  We love you Jimmy to the end of the earth and back.

In other news, Kay and Billy both need glasses. Kay is opting for contacts and Billy glasses. Of course Kay has the whole contact thing down in 30 seconds flat and Billy loves wearing his new glasses. They are too cute.