Sunday, October 19, 2014

THE weekend ...

What a gorgeous fall weekend and we made the most of it!!

Friday - impromptu make your own pizza party with 2 other families and 7 kids. Super fun and chillax. Kay had a sleep over and Jimmy and his friends were having fun watching Wayne's World 2 (not very good).

  Saturday - Tom, Jimmy, Anders and Craig went to the U of M homecoming football game against Purdue and it was a crazy long fun game. In the end the U won by 1 point. They had breakfast out "How may pigs in a blanket do I get with the 3 pigs in a blanket" - Jimmy Murphy who then started laughing at himself. They took their photo with the Heisman trophy and got to stand right in the middle of the U pep band. Way too much fun for football fans.

Tracy took K and B to Maleficent (REALLY good movie) and then a nature park where they hiked and played with Caden and Wyatt for 2 hours while Tracy and Ang chatted. Super fun for all. Then, south Indian feast with Wendy and Annemiek for dinner. Again, good friends, awesome food, fun conversation and the ultimate in relaxing. You gotta love friends who are as close as family.

Sunday - reading, homework and football. Got some yard work done and hoping for a bike ride. Promised the kids Mirror of Korea if they get it all done. Should be another yummy night.

 Here's Kay lunch: (she made it up and then made it herself - she's calling it a Mediterranean Feast) Rice with onions and chicken stock
Fresh green bean/carrot salad with an orange olive oil dressing
mixed veggies with lemon pepper garlic
plain yogart with lemon olive oil pan
fried pita