Saturday, October 04, 2014

1st conference of the year!!

We had our 1st teacher conferences of the year at the Jr High (for Jimmy, the other 2 have conferences in early Nov)

We were prepared to hear the usual.... engaging kid, smart, friendly but needs to know when to stop talking , interrupting and challenging the teacher

But... NO!! Not so this year, read for yourself what the teachers had to say. We are so happy for Jimmy and hope  he's proud of himself. He's off to a great start an amazing kid:)

His teachers all say that Jimmy knows when it is the time to talk and when it is the time to listen, no interrupting!!! A first!  And...he's very inclusive and friends with everyone. He doesn't have just one group he hangs out with. He includes everyone and is friendly to all (my proudest moment:))

 Experimental Science:

Jimmy is going great he has a solid B and that is because there has only been one 12 question test and he got 9 out 0f 12, he is right where he needs to be and doing great.

Things are going to start picking up so he needs to be ready. In two or three weeks time he needs to identify his project for the Science Fair which is in Early Jan. He needs to be better than 90% done before Christmas Break.

 Life Science:

Again doing great has a Bt. She is suggesting that develop alternative study habits, instead of looking at the study guide cover it up and quiz himself, study with a friend things like that.

She also was emphasizing that he and all the students continue to write in their journals and check the portal.

Core Homeroom and US History:

Loves having Jimmy in his class and loves the way he always raises his hand and asks questions. He has an A at 95% and is very organized and inclusive, his teacher loves that.


Asked Jimmy to explain where he was and what they were doing in class, which he did. Was impressed that Jimmy is where he is even though he skipped 5th grade ( which I explained to all his teachers and they all we impressed)

He seems to be a nice guy and very strict which most likely why Jimmy is having issues with him, I liked him. Jimmy has an A and Mr. Johnson challenged Jimmy to develop the habit of asking for help and to do so earlier than later. Jimmy did say that he sometimes lets his mind wander during class except when Mr. Johnson is explain things because Jimmy’s words “ When someone is explaining something to me that is my chance to understand what I don’t know”.


Her first words how lucky she was to have Jimmy in class and how he is super helpful, and the we talked about world travel for 10 minutes after that J

 English & Packer Fan:

She LOVES having Jimmy in her class, beyond happy. Jimmy is the kid that when she asks are there any questions he always raises his hand and asks question even if he know the answer, it is super helpful to her. She also likes that fact that in class Jimmy sings to the class to motivate them to learn, her first words were “ Did you know how great a voice you son has?”


Loves Jimmy his involvement and the fact that he sings in the pool. Can’t wait to work with him this year, loves his spirit and enthusiasm.


I filled him in on Jimmy’s musical history and past accomplishments and involvement and had a huge smile on his face. I explained where we are at with the practice schedule and Jimmy is at a Dt because he has not submitted it yet, Mr. Wolf also asked me to write a note about the mix up with the payment and not letting Jimmy bring home a instrument and he will reflect hat in his grade, basically he will give him full marks and October will be our baseline.
He is going to send out a tryout schedule for the Jazz band and will let Jimmy have more than one if he wants since he plays drums and piano