Tuesday, October 14, 2014

quick cute photo updates

Had a few cute photos to share - the 1st 2 are the art project Billy did for school - what I did on my summer vacation. He drew our RV trip, including deep sea fishing, our RV and he and I looking at the stars/big dipper EVERY night (in fact, he kept count of how many days he and I saw the big dipper, major bonding moment AND the density and # of stars in his picture really does capture how bright and close the stars where - you gotta love camping) these are so good and so sweet, I almost had a tear. When I told him how much I loved his drawings, he said "I worked really hard on them, the stars took me 2 whole days!"

Then, here is Kay and Billy all "Hopkins up'ed" ready to cheer Jimmy on in his last football game of the year. They are WAY too cute:)