Sunday, June 01, 2014

Happy Memorial Day, Updates and other refelections

Happy Memorial Day to all of our family, friends and kinfolk south of the border!

The celebration of Memorial Day does not occur here in Canada in the same manner as it does in the States however we embrace the memory of all those whom we have had in our lives and those that have made an impact upon us, reflection on thanks and gratitude.

The kids continue to keep us busy and Billy has now begun his second career, soccer. The Hearts Soccer Club drafted him along with a few hundred other 9-10 year olds and we meet on Thursday evenings. The coach has about a half hour in which to instruct the lads and lasses on the finer points of the game, then the ball is dropped all the learnt knowledge is forgotten with a focus on the ball and the ball only, youth soccer! Billy also was awarded one of the coolest award from school. the Integrity Award. It is no wonder that has two buddies Spencer and William also won the award, they are the Three Musketeers!

Jimmy has begun baseball and is on two different teams again this year and has started football as well.  He is busy behind the plate for both teams and loves being the catcher. He owns the plate and second base as well, the issue is that sometimes his team mates are busy writing their name in the dirt when he fires the ball from home plate and it results is... well, they need some work. He is working on his swing which again is interfering with this desire to be the quarterback of the football team, his motto must be " Go Big or Go Home", it going to be a long fall. The house league team went down 10 to 6 while his Select team was on fire and won the game in 4 innings. The schedule calls for several tournament's again this year so we will see. He is also bound and determined to grow a mullet..

Kay on the other hand is almost through with her ACRO career, it worked on paper in the winter months but now that it is nice she is wishing she had her Monday's free. Two more classes and then the performance and she will finished, more on that to come.  Now speaking of time commitments,  she had been asked to join the Provincial Gymnastics Competition Team, meaning what? The coaches for some reason fear talking with us as if we may yell at them or something?  With kid gloves, they explained that Kay has the skills to be a strong competitor at the highest level and were we as parents concerned? About what, that's all she does, constantly,. Turns out this is a big commitment on both the coaches and the athlete, which Kay is now in that group,
meaning she will practice 16 hours a week and two days a week she will have to leave school to practice. The reasoning behind leaving school is because at night the place is so busy that they cant give the "athlete" the amount of one on one time to raise their skills to the next level so by having them leave school they will be the only people in the gym therefore more one on one time, follow?
She will have three meets starting in November and finishing in March. The best two results will be added up and divided in half determine the athlete's standing, the top 70 finishers in Ontario will then come head to head for the chance to be the next Level 6 Champion, whew.

If in my day someone told me if you want to join the team you have to leave school early I would have been " I'm in, hey what sports is it by the way?" more to come...

Happy Memorial Day there are many whom we all owe a debt of gratitude for what they have done, Gob Bless...