Friday, June 06, 2014

Happy Anniversary!!!

16 years ago Tracy and I along with our family and friends started our married life on a beautiful day and it has continued ever since.
We have had our ups and downs just like every married couple and through out the one thing that was always there was the love we share.

The kids wanted to do something special for us or was it we were asking them what they had planned? The boys more or less follow Kay's lead on things like this however fir this occasion she decided to fly solo. Billy did make us a beautiful  heart felt card pronouncing us the best mom and dad in the world, high praise. Jimmy is at the kind of awkward age where he is sometimes too cool for school, but he did wish us a happy anniversary, with out being prompted.

Back to Kay, so I am sure some people have seen our Facebook post but for those who have not here is what happened:

Ok so just a moment to talk about food, I have now logged over 300 hours of classroom/lab instruction on food prep, methods and delivery, meaning, making, baking and serving. Today for our Anniversary Kay who has logged a mere 80 hours of t...he same, decided that she wanted to make for us a special Anniversary dinner, lock stock and barrel from scratch by her no help form the adults in the family. the results, 5 stars+ the menu: Starter, Baked brie in a puff pastry with red currant and egg wash, Black Bean Salad with red onion and fresh chopped cilantro, Cajun spiced chicken and a sun dried tomato cream sauce pasta for the adults and the Chef, baked spaghetti and mozzarella for the boy's, and a fresh made chocolate and cream pudding with berry compote for the adults and a chocolate pudding, graham cracker cake for the kids, highest praise ever form the boys when Jimmy exclaimed " Kay, this cake is awesome, Thanks,' Just another small town Saturday night at the Loudamericans....

Hard to beat that.
Happy Anniversary Tracy I love you!