Friday, June 27, 2014

Grade 5 Graduation

It is referred to in the hood only as " The GRAD" it is only one name like Madonna, Sting or FIFA, same caliber, depending on ones perspective. I mean graduating from 5th Grade, just saying.

However in keeping with the frenzy Tom volunteered to be on charge of the food for the event .Traditionally, yes I can use that reference, the food consisted of chips, a cake of some sort and then focusing on the parents and guests, coffee, sweets and like that, but no, not when there is a new Sheriff in town with a daughter graduating from 5th Grade, bring it baby!

Chocolate Fountain, tear way cupcakes, with the grade 5 Grade composite etched in edible icing on the cupcakes, fruit off all kinds, marshmallows, and lady fingers for the fountaining, loot bags and the like ,that's what I'm talking about : "The GRAD"!!!!

The Graduates walked into the hall to Pomp and Circumstances, deck to the 9's, the flash of hand held devices lighting the way lining up alphabetically in front of the crowd, synergy.
The Principal delivered a hand crafted welcome speech, the 5th grade teacher was aroused from his slumber and introduced the agenda as well as handed out several student achievement awards culminating with a member of the Toronto City Council announcing this years John Filion Community Involvement Award, for the 5th grade student that shows an over abundant interest in his or her community, not a dry eye in the house.

The 2 Valedictorians who were chosen by a panel of teachers based on many difficult criteria, then delivered what can only be called ' The Valedictorian Speech"
Kay's speech is below and we think that since it sounds more like a locker room speech for a game well played than a speech geared toward academic achievement, she did not meet the stick standards of the panel.

Then the moment the kids have lived their whole lives for, up to this point, the introduction of the Graduates and receiving their diplomas. Keeping with the program, the Graduates broke out in a song they all hand picked for the occasion; " Best Day of My Life".

Then it was off to the reception ,where you heard the GRADS saying, WOW a Chocolate Fountain and Cupcakes, this is the best GRAD ever, or at least I thought that's what I heard. The feeding frenzy over, the Grads where then ushered back into the Graduation Hall for a 2 hour dance and lets go crazy party. Congratulations Graduates!!!
More to come......