Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Billy turns 9 Happy Birthday Billy!

The kid was like the old pendulum when it came to a party location and theme.  Chuck & Cheeses, paint ball, swimming, bowling, hey, bowling yea lets do that I'll invite the whole class whoa slow down Bill! There is a sort of surge around here in the younger grades to have a party and invite the whole class, boys and girls, and all, we decided to squash the trend, boys only, well except Kay. He also wanted to do a survey to see what his friends wanted to do. We had to stop that as well, arent we the unsupportive parents?! :)

The local Bowl A Rama was the site of the event Saturday 2:24 to 5:00 precisely. The crew all arrived and were given shoes and then allowed to sign into the automatic score keeping device give balls and 5 pin began. Now it is a well know fact that one of the kids in Billy's class, who will go nameless, at the last bowling party went to the hospital because he took a ball to the chin. This time with 5 pin, and smaller bowling balls it was all good, whew!

There were 16 bowlers and they had a blast. Then it was into the party room food, cupcakes and some type of energy drink. The Bowl A Rama folks came to the lanes during the match and the kids got to order basically whatever they wanted and then were served in the party room feed the kids, cleaned up after them, perfect. Billy received many great gifts and had a blast. In the opinion of the author the best part was the old heavily used bowling pin that the Bowl A Rama folks tried to clean up and then had all the kids sign it and gave it to Billy, sitting on our mantle at home, just saying...

Wednesday was Bill's actual b-day and with  the family he chose Greek food, as many of you know Billy is a Gyros junkie, bonified Greek food officiando and all. Kay was called into the kitchen to make her famous brownies as that is Bills other love ....well besides Nikki.

Mom and Dad pulled a fast one over on the kids when they announced that they bought Billy more swap force figurines... isn't that awesome??. The kids looked at us like we were from Mars stating 'don't you know that he doesn't have the game station for them'? Nonsense said mom... he has a whole WII system set up downstairs, these figurines will work just fine! To their dismay they said in unison, 'there not compatable!'', what what?? Jimmy was reeled in like a dead fish, Kay was un-phased as she's not really a gamer, Billy looked like he lost Nikki and just then he opened the last present, a Swamp Force Game Station. Jimmy declared " Wow I'm really impressed you had me there, good one Mom"

Happy Birthday Billy! We love you, we are blessed everyday by you and were glad you chose us for your forever family! more to come.... cant wait to see what happens in your ninth year:)