Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas, ice, snow and the little mermaid

 Snow, pre ice and snow storms - its been a snowy December for Toronto - not usual
 Kay Adam and Maddie - good friends and tight pals when the power went out and Adam, Ryan and Maddie spent Christmas Eve with us since they didnt have lights or electricity.
 The ice storm. 250,000 people without power. Very scary, neighbors pitched in and helped and many people spent the holidays at their cottage, a friends or hotels. Some were without power 4 days and it came back on on Christmas Day -  a true Christmas miracle. 70,000 still without power.
 Very pretty but tons of trees and power lines down.
 Christmas morning, everyone got everything they wanted. a very blessed day and family. Jimmy loaded up on performance hoodies, video games and high socks.
 Kay loaded up on science experiment kits, cooking sets, make up sets and any craft/Crayola kit that was designed to make a mess.  oi yoi yoi.

Billy owns the free world supply of legos, hot wheels and skylanders swapforce. AND a new digital watch. He keeps telling us the time and timing things.

 Pretty excited for Nerf
 The kids bought each other and us gifts at the school holiday bazaar. VERY thoughtul
 Ice skating on Christmas afternoon in the snow. which later turned into a full fledged snow storm. On top of the ice storm, we are buried and the poor folks without power cant catch a break. We were without internet, cable and phone service for 4 days and the kids were great, we watched every Christmas movie in the book!
 Kays friends were at ice skating as well
We were suppose to go to the Little Mermaid on Sunday (ice storm day) and rescheduled our tickets for Thursday (snow storm day) we took the subway downtown and had lunch pre the show. It was totally worth it. Imagine, roller skating mermaids, campy show tunes, guys in drag, villans where the audience boo's, what does the fox say, audience participation, Toronto current event jokes, (yes, many at the expense of Rob Ford) and amazing singing and dancing. TOTALLY worth it and a strong consideration as a new family tradition.

It was a great holiday. Friends looking out for each other, impromptu ice skating and cocktail parties, holiday movies, family time, thoughtful gifts, good food (South Indian for Christmas dinner - YUM!), winter weather, cuddling in front of the fire and connecting with family and friends via email, phone and facebook.

We are so blessed. Merry Christmas EVERYONE!! Big hugs and peace in 2014