Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kays Gotcha Day!

Another year with Kay in our forever family, YEAH!

Sunday was Kays Gotcha Day which is the anniversary of the day we brought her home from Korea.  As part of our tradition, you get to pick your dinner and special dessert and we spend the day celebrating:)

Kay had a sleep over Saturday night which lasted into a morning playdate and then 4 hours of gymnastics so... we didn't get a ton of time to celebrate her during the day. I think we just got a preview of life with a busy teenager/adult but... we DID have a special dinner. Kay's choice?!


Not sure what else to say - lots of variety, small dishes, mini taste treats, a bit putzy and high maintenance to put together, a lot of dishes to clean up but all over super yummy and a fun communal meal.  Come to think of it, this is a pretty good description of Kay herself!

We did cheese, chocolate and chicken stock with ginger/lime fondue with lamb, veggies, fruit, bread and for the special dessert (yes, the chocolate fondue was part of dinner not dessert) mini DQ icecream cupcakes. All I have to say is - this is a pretty tasty new menu item at DQ. Check it out!

It was fun to reminisce about bringing Kay home, and we asked the boys their 1st favorite memory of her.

jimmy's - meeting her at the airport and then showing her her room when we got home (it was a pretty cute memory)

Billy's - when she accidently pushed him off the couch on his 1st day home. Now... I'm not sure he doesn't actually remembers this as he was 7 months old but...we do have it on video (yes video) and the kids watch it all the time. Turns out a baby falling off the couch is pretty good entertainment.

Mom/Dads - when we met her at her foster parents home in Seoul, her foster grandma was so in love with her and was so upset that she was going to be leaving that she scooped up Kay and left. We didn't know what to do and weren't sure she was actually going to come back.

It reminds us how much love there is in the world for our kids - their birth parents making an absolutely unfathomable choice out of love, their foster parents for deeply loving a child that they only got to love for a very short amount of time, our friends and family that supported us in our journey to Kay and the adventure that IS Kay, and all the social workers, lawyers, politicians, etc that make it possible for a white middle class family in Minnesota to become the forever family to a talented, spirited, loving, active, funny person from Seoul Korea.

Thank God for all this universal GOOD!!!