Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Halloween, Football and Spanish Class what a weekend!

The ghost and goblins were out in force here on Halloween and the kids joined right on in!
Jimmy was hoping for a football practice to get in the way of his having to get a costume this year and for a moment it looked like it was going to happen but at he last minute the team decided there was to much at stake to risk the kids coming to practice with all the goblins on the loose, so he had to scramble and come up with a costume. Lucky we have few " spares" laying around and he chose to trick or treat as Stewie Griffin from the family guy. For not wanting to go out he left the house with his buddies around 4:00 and came home at 8:30.

Kay and Billy spent several days trying on costumes and after several botched attempts settles on a witch, Kay and a storm trooper, Billy. Billy's TKD has a Halloween party every year complete with candy, lots of running around and pizza! Then it was home for large back packs to store the loot and off with the neighbor kids for several hours of uninterrupted candy mania. I may have forgot to mention that it was about 45 degrees and raining the whole time but did that stop the Red Barron from rising out of the pumpkin patch, I say bah, bring on the candy!! We wandered the neighborhood with several friends, went to the haunted house, yes one of the neighbors sets up an actual haunted house complete with zombies, creepy things, smoke and mirrors and it was awesome. Tracy hung around home and handed out around 200+ pieces of candy, it was nuts. In fact the trick or treaters were relentless and Jimmy had to dig into his own stash to give the last few a treat, it was then blow out the candle , shut the lights, have a bowl of potato leek soup with the neighbors and then off to slumber dreaming of cavities, trips to the dentist and more candy!!! Happy Haddoween, as Jimmy used to say !

Saturday morning brough the last day of Spanish Cooking class for Tom and one step closer to his Chef Certificate! The class was all about farmer influenced recipes and produce and marrying them with treats from the sea, the field and a bit of sweetness, it was awesome. This class featured Chef Beverly and she brought great insight, stories and challenged us each and every class. Now we have several awesome paella's, stews, lamb and meatball recipes for your enjoyment next time  you stop by! Tom's friend Sylvia has been in several classes with him and they finally were photographed doing something besides talking with the Chef and BSing about food!

Sunday afternoon the Grizzlies took the field against the Twin City Wildcats, a team that beat the Grizzlies 26 to 6 in the last meeting.  The Grizzlies took the field and Jimmy with a swagger of confidence and determination got them fired up in his traditional no holds barred chanting. The Grizzlies won the coin toss and 3 plays later were in the end zone, 6 to 0 and they never looked back. The boys played an almost flawless football game, and they won the game 28 to 6 giving up a touchdown with less than a minute to play, which considering the kids on the field had never played defense before was awesome. Jimmy play tight end and in this game, even caugth a pass and ran for a 1st down. He's the only cathcing tightend in his age group. Pretty cool. For the record, Jimmy is the 3rd string quarterback and was brought into the game with less than 30 seconds to play because he can execute the perfect 'taking of the knee', the cli[p below demonstrates his ability. In his quarterback career he has, no completions, no interceptions and a total of minus 2 yards! The team is exactly where the want to be going into the championship game on a roll and facing Burlington, the other team that beat the Grizzlies earlier this year. This boys are focused and determined GO Grizzlies !!!

PSA: The Toronto Police have been relentless and methodical trying to get to the bottom of the crack cocaine issues surrounding our Mayor, Rob Ford. In a statement yesterday the Mayor said " Yes I did try crack cocaine, that was over a year ago and I am not an addict! As far as the video tape showing me smoking crack, I need to see that I may have been in one of my drunken stupors " really,, don't blame me I was drunk, Mayor Ford your going with that!?!?!?! You cant make this stuff up...
More to come.......