Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One down and One to go oh and football

In the never ending sports a'thon that is Jimmy's world, outside of music, he finished one season of baseball this past weekend. He has been playing on two baseball teams this summer because , well why the heck not? He plays in a house league which consists of any player with the financial wherewithal to come up with the fees, and then teams are divided up based on a magic formula which no one really knows, and a season is born.

The house league players are then invited to try out for they Select Team, which as you may have guseesed is made up of the players that are ' Selected" from the tryouts. There are 6 house league teams with an average of 15 players so doing the math the select pool is around 90 of which 12 are chosen, and as it turns out Jimmy made the cut and made a home on the roster as the starting catcher, and he is great at it! (note, he was also the youngest kid on the team - go Jimmy!)

The teamed finished first in their division, won a couple of tournaments, lost as many and one of the highlights, Jimmy was chosen as an MVP in one of the tournaments! The past weekend they drew a bye on Friday and had two games on Saturday, one of which they had to win to continue in the tournament. The team played hard but they were pretty much worn out and were just 1 Large Double Espresso per kid away from making it. The boys were happy with their season and we had the whole team over for the end of the year party. It is tradition around here that at the end of the year party the coaches are fair game and Coach Brooks and Coach Dana were not let off the hook! It was a great season and many great memories and new friends. (Note, Coach Brooks and Coach Dana not only coach together but they played North York Blues/Mets growing up and through high school into university. They are amazing coaches, encouraging and teaching the kids at every inning of the game. Super hopeful that Jimmy makes Select next year as well so that we can continue their coaching of Young James)

The house league tournament started last night and runs the next 2 consecutive Tuesdays with a championship Saturday scheduled for the 7th of September, more to come on that.

So having missed the Sunday baseball cut off what does a young boy do to fill his time? Head out to the first football scrimmage, a mere hour and a half from the house (you gotta have a Sunday contingency plan for sporting events) . So we saddled up the ole gray mare and headed east to Clarington. We were unsure what or where Jimmy would be playing this year as he has missed most of the June and July Tuesday night practices (defense) for baseball but has made all of the Thursday/Saturday (offensive) practices. He started out on special teams and we were a bit concerned, however in the second half things started to change. Jimmy was now full on in the game playing both offensive and defensive line, line backer and tight end, his favorite spot.

Now many of those of you who follow this crazy kid know he has been passionate about football above all else. He has been playing since second grade, mostly with the motto " Sack the quarterback", he was not really the offensive type, hit or be hit. So besides the occasional forced fumble, or dropped potential pick 6, the kid has never really touched the ball, that is until now.

The Grizzlies were in the lead late into the 4th quarter, with just seconds to play, Ronin, the new quarterback calls and audible, fakes right cuts back and hands the ball off the to the new tight end, number 77 Jimmy Murphy. Murphy cuts right, beats cheeks around the line heads downfield, out runs the would be tacklers and busts over the end-zone for his first touch down!!! Grizzlies win!!  Tracy was yelling the whole time " holy cow, he has the ball, he actually has the ball!" We are hoping that this is a promotion of the upcoming season.

More to come sit back and enjoy, the show is free.....