Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quick Update

Thought we'd do a quick update on life:0

Tom - chef school is going great and we love the food he brings home on Satruday nights after class. He's excitedly combing through the class lists and has at least 10 more classes he wants to take. Kay continues to be jealous.

Jimmy - He's practically inseparable with his new friend Eli. They started basketball on Monday nights and this weekend is the semifinals of football. Good money is on the Grizzlies and if they win, we have the championship next weekend. If they win THAT, then its an inter-providence game. Yikes! He's going as PSY (Gungyam style) for Halloween and just asked his 1st girl to the halloween dance. he is completely unfased by the whole thing.  He casually mentioned it at dinner one night. Her name is Sloan (thinking her parents are big Ferris Bueller fans) and as he said "she's not terrible at sports and isnt bad looking". I hope thats not how he approached her! She had to think about it and came back 2 days later with a "yes" but only as friends. His reaction? "well...yeah!"  When I asked him "were you nervous?" His response? "no! why would I be?" when asked "what if she says no?" He quickly said, "then I'll just ask someone else". Hes very practical about the whole thing. Given hes a rule follower and team player, we figure the rules are "take a girl to the dance", no questions asked. He is also encouraging all his friends to ask people too.  Too funny.

Kay - She has a posse of new friends and had to learn the Thriller dance for school. They got to dress up as Zombies and perform in front of the whole school. Now she wants to be a zombie witch for Halloween. She as also been asked to the dance by 2 boys and is presently keeping both of them waiting while she "thinks about it".  She's going to be a heartbreaker. 

Billy - Is a scheduling fiend and is constantly planning play dates with his friend William. William had a birthday on Friday and Billy told me "I'm going to ask if I can go to his party"  When I said that was a bit rude and what if he wasnt invited? He repied "but he's my friend and I like him!"  He's still so sweet and innocent. Good news, Williams parents are behind the 8 ball and the party is not until next week AND Billy is most certainly invited.  He's going as a black ninja for Halloween:)        

Tracy - Super busy at work (still) with 2 work trips in October. But, her team is awesome and she's having fun. She loves to be challenged and there are plenty of hard problems to solve right now. No lack of stimulation at work.

Nikki - still sweet and Tracy's daily walking companion. Its been raining all day so she's going a bit stir crazy but we are having people over for dinner so she'll get plenty of attention and love.

Thats it, the quick down and dirty on the LoudAmericans:)