Friday, October 05, 2012

Its a small world...

One of the amazing things about Toronto is how many connections we have here back to India!

Tracy has 2 members of her team that were on her team in India. They both moved to Canada separately from Target for their spouses job and better opportunities.

A good portion of the visitors we have had while here are friends from Bangalore that have frequent travel to Toronto for work. They may not live in Bangalore anymore, but their current owrk brings them to Toronto frequently, giving us time to catch up and see each other (sometimes for the 1st time in 5+ years!)

Carol is one of our dear friends that was our 1st friend in Bangalore, baby sat our kids, threw wonderful parties, was a shoulder to cry on and a great example of  how to embrace India. She is from Montreal and was able to come for dinner. It was a gas and SO much fun to catch up in person and hear about her family and the friends we havent heard from lately around the world.

She also is a great networker and got us in touch with Claude. Now, Claude is originally from Mumbai, but will a long layover in Montreal (do you see where this is going) prior to landing in Bangalore for a short stint. He was one of the bachelors in Palm Meadows and was always great for an impromptu happy hour or Sunday night dinner (check our old blogs thats a VERY popular tradition for the expats).  The adorded him and would yell CLAUDE at the top of their lungs every morning as he was heading to work and they were heading to school.

Well, this blog is titled small world for a reason....
Claude lives in Toronto. WIth his wife and 2 kids (+ 1 on the way). His kids are the same ages our kids were when we were in India. AND, the best part?! They had us over for Sunday dinner.

It was SO great to reconnect and get caught up, meet his wife and kids and basically start up where we left off. We are all older (the wiser part is questionable) but essentially the same.  Here are some "snaps" of the evening, including an oldie from our 1st go round with Claude.

I LOVE that karma "works" - you get what you put out there, what goes around comes around, do unto others, etc. Its true. Its a small world so...put out love and you'll get love:)