Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Time marches on and I thought we better get this post out there before it is the American Thanksgiving! The interesting part of Canadian Thanksgiving is that they call it...Canadian Thanksgiving  "Happy Canadian Thanksgiving" "What are you doing for Canadian Thanksgiving?" "Will you celebrate US and Canadian Thanksgiving?"  Weird, we dont call it American Thanksgiving.  In any case, it did cause us to be home sick for The Only Place (see 2006-8 Thanksgivings in India - cornish turkeys)  

This past week has been somewhat of a blur of activity and downtime all rolled into one. Exactly what you'd expect for Thanksgiving! Lots of visiting and food and football!

Treena her daughter Madison were able to spend a couple of days with us and boy did Kay love that. Madison and Kay were all about make up, outfits and being divas. Oh and cotton candy too! Treena is a dear  friend of Tracy's and her husband Moyo, who was unable to join this time, is a very close friend of Tracy's boss, (following that?!) so in honor of celebrating nepotism day we had John along with his wife Priya, their daughter Sohanna and their son Kiron over for dinner. The adults found time to relax and catch up while the kids found time to burn off energy and be kids. We made a super yummy Portuguese Seafood dish for dinner and Kay has been on a Pavlova kick of late so we made that for dessert along with homemade whipped cream, yes both vanilla and chocolate, super good!

Sunday was a bye day for football however we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving.  John & Priya had us over to their house (seriously, the Loud Americans 2 days in a row, they are brave people! )along with another ex-pat couple (not from Target but from Chicago!) and their 3 kids. Once again it was Kid heaven. John along with Jimmy are huge football fans so the Vikings victory was twice as sweet! We had an awesome herb roasted turkey with all the fixing including Kay's new favorite sweet potato souffle, she is out there food wise. We watched Star Wars and the kids all cuddled into the couch for some serious food coma time. Sohanna was even tucked into Tom. Super cute. We had a great day and took the subway home full, tired and happy. Kay and Billy even had a midnight snack of stuffing, turkey and gravy all mixed together in a bowl. Then, they slept for 12 hours:)

Monday was a day off for Tracy but not Jimm...., football !!!  It was an away game against The Pickering Gators. Hard fought game, however the Grizzlies had a few too many penalties and lost by a touchdown. The last play off the game was a touchdown run by the Grizzlies so the game ended on a high note. Everyone was happy!

We had to hurry home as we (I mean Jimmy) has  wicked social calendar. As we begin to be assimilate (as you know resistance is futile) we let Jimmy (who is 11 along) with his new BFF Eli go the Argonauts CFL game without either of the parental units. Eli's Mom dropped the boys off downtown, at the stadium, about 25 minutes from home and then Tom drove down after the game to pick the lads up. We of coursed worried and texted them constantly. They ignore us for the most part and had a blast. (In case you worry and call social services, the game was an outing for Eli's football team. His coaches sat "near" them, but they didnt escort them to/from the game)  They are turning into "urban/city" kids. Its an interesting phenomom. Jimmy has taken the city bus to school and been to his 1st pro sports event with an immediate adult companion.  2 things neither Tom or Tracy did at the tender age of 11 (grade 6)

Or...is it that he's just growing up? Yikes!

The middle of October WOW, more to come....