Friday, August 24, 2012

Now arriving on the number 11

Yep the old #11 has arrived and Jimmy is the conductor. The official 11th Birthday commenced with the usual fanfare of I don't know what I want to do....

Here is the birthday boy over the years and as you can see he is pretty cute!

We went through several options none of which involved heights or clowns (his 2 biggies fears) or (unfortunately) any professional sports event. He finally settled on bowling, go figure. His rational was that he wanted something that he could cheer at. And, cheer he did!

We headed off to the Toronto version of Bowl-A-Rama complete with crazy colored bowling balls and size 9-10 shoes for the lad. He seems to grow over night.

 Jimmy continues to be into sports and is now on the North York Grizzlies and is playing his heart out. His passion for music has not faded and he is playing drums and piano and hoping when school starts he can get a band together.

Tradition has Aunt Sue coming to co-celebrate her birthday along with Jimmy, their birthdays are a day apart, but more on that in the next blog. Jimmy is working hard at being a big brother and as in most of these cases it is a work in progress.

He loves all sports and can keep up with most adult conversation ont he subject thanks to his "research" on the net and ESPN.

He still talks non-stop, fromt he minute he wakes up until the the minute his head hits the pillow. He's and extremely loyal friend and enjoys the friends he has all over the world. Hes an amazing reader and talented in math (except for decimals). He just finished the Hunger Games and now we are in search of a book that will grab his attention to the same extent.

He is born negotiator and is a thinker. You have to watch out or you get talked into things you werent ready for.

We love him. For all that he is and all that he is going to be. Its fun watching him grow and bearing witness to his "Jimmy-ness".

We love you Jimmy!