Sunday, August 26, 2012

And...Sue's Birthday!

Aunt Sue's birthday is the day after Jimmys and its a family tradition to celebrate together so she is our 1st official visitor to Toronto.

We gave Sue the same options as Jimmy - she could do whatever she wanted on her birthday. So, we were off to Buskerfest!  Buskerfest is an outdoor street carnival with street performers and raises money for Epilepsy.

It was amazing! Jimmy was excited to see Snap Boogie (on Americans Got Talent). He jumped/flipped over 4 people and was pretty amazing. We also saw "mime's" that would perform for a loonie ($1). A skateboarding, juggling, fire guy (he also spit fire) and acrobats that juggled flames while on each others shoulders. Crazy stuff!

For dinner? Sue's favorite, spagetti and meat sauce. easy peasey.  Billy said it was the best meal he ever had!

And, wrapped up the day with cake:)

Thanks for coming to visit Sue, we love you!!