Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kay and Mommies excellent adventure

As I mentioned earlier this summer, I promised each of the kids a "date" day with me. Finally...Kay had her turn. Of course, it centered around shopping and odd food choices (totally Kay!)

We grabbed the subway last Saturday and headed downtown, in search of 2 major markets - China Town and Kensington Market.  We were NOT disappointed!

China Town is exactly what it sounds like, store after store, restaurant after restaurant of asian food, items, clothing, people, smells, etc.  Kay was in heaven! We picked up a Korean pear (super yummy if you've never had one), shitake mushrooms, saw live fish waiting to their new "home" (ie: dinner) and looked through every curio store in 1 square kilometer in search of the perfect lip gloss. It was crowded, noisey, pushy and super fun. We even found a little Korean restaurant for lunch and had pork bone soup (WAY yummy, highly suggest it) and bulgogi.  The owner totally made over Kay and her Korean from KCC came in handy:)

Then, it was off to Kensington Market. Let's just say... pick up Puerto Viejo Costa Rica, plop it in Toronto and ..there you have it. Very alternative, caribbean, lots of hippy hair/dress, piercing, leather, organics and alternative lifestyles.  My sister Julie would be RIGHT at home. We wandered in and out of shops; book stores (how to grow your own weed), health food stores (looking for candy as it was called Sugar and Spice - false marketing!), army surplus stores, 2nd hand shops and organic, vegan, local coffee shops.  We found a really cool market with flavored honey, educational toys and TONS of lip gloss. Had a hard time getting out of that one.  There were 2 really cool cars parked on the street and provided our only photo op. (the rest of the day was too crowded to get a good snap).

We ended the day with creme puffs and bubble tea. She even brought home treats for the boys and 2 new lip glosses.

It was fun to just "hang" with Kay on some serious girl time, a rarity in our house.