Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Update - Science Center and Honda Indy race

We had an eventful weekend:) With tomorrow being Kay's birthday, we told her she got to pick our Saturday activity, so we were off to the Science Center. Its a really cool, interactive Science Museum. They currently have a Circus exhibit and a Sports exhibit. On top of that, there is a cool Mindworks, Rainforest, Space and "crafts" area. They were in HEAVEN!  We actually joined with a family membership and now can go anytime we like. I foresee many cold winter days at this place. The kids loved the Sports portion, they could race a cheetah, jump and land like a cat and see how fast they could throw a pitch (Jimmy 43 mph, Kay 23 mph). 

Sunday was the Honda Indy race. Tracy got 2 tickets from work and invited Billy to join her (see previous blog:)) She is taking each of the kids on a "date" day for some bonding time. It was the perfect venue for Billy. There was a Hot Wheels booth, tons of cars to see, a fly over by the navy, fireworks and TONS of army vehicles to climb on. What more could a 7 yr old boy want?!  We went with a coworker and his 7 yr old. so... as they say - 2 7 yr olds are better than 1!  The boys loved hanging out together and are now fast friends. By the end of the day, there were plans for future play dates and Hot Wheels races. Billy and Tracy took the subway and street car to get to/from the race...., we are starting to feel very urban!

We also had our 1st dinner party! (go figure) we had 2 other families over who are also moving up here to work.  One was on their house hunting trip and the other is currently living in a hotel, moving into their house this Wednesday. It was fun to share stories/advice on moving and good for the kids to have other kids to play with. Again, the kids were all fast friends and Jimmy even jumped in one of the cars and wanted to go home with them. He "negotiated" 3 dinner playdates at their house once they move in. Good news, they really wont be living too far from us and while she and Tracy are in the same building, they aren't part of the same team. They even suggested babysitting "swapping" so that we can have date nights. They've got friend potential written all over them:)

The kids start day camps this week so be on the look out for a blog later this week on their adventures!