Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Kay!! Wow, 9 years old:)

Kay turned 9 on Tuesday and boy, did she do it right:)!!  In addition to the Science Center outing last weekend, on Tuesday we did our celebration of Kay. 

She went to Gymnastics camp all day, which included swimming, crafts and yes, even gymnastics:)

We had dinner at a local Korean restaurant (1of about 1,000:)) and Kay opened her presents from the boys and Nikki.  Tom and I were only 2 of 3 Caucasians in the place and that was a good sign.  We ordered WAY too much food and managed to eat through most of it.  Kay and Billy gave it a thumbs up. Jimmy was unwilling to commit due to his loyalty to Mrs Choi and Mirror of Korea in St Paul. But, he did concede that the mandu was wonderful and ate his weight in bul go gi (marinated beef). He was a little disappointed in the chap jae (glass noodles, he thought they were too skinny) and the fact that they didn't have any kim bop (sushi roll).  But, after dinner, we saved the day. There was a Korean grocery store which carried kim bop and melon bars (a rare Korean Camp delicacy.

After stuffing ourselves, it was back home for more presents and cake.  Kay got everything she asked for and then some!  A Baby Alive (the kids spent the rest of the night feeding her, making her pee and then laughing hysterically when she did - good fun), a cheese slicer (she wanted one "just like Grandmas"), a Slushy Magic (a "as seen on TV' item that makes slushys out of cold water and "magic" cubes), two new bikini's, a new summer outfit, and some body spray.  Whew, its hard to be a 9 year old girl that loves make up, clothes and cooking.

In fact, she had so much fun with her day, we never got to the cake. She had so much fun, she fell right of the cliff and into a huge tantrum at 9:00pm.  She was so over stimulated and worn out that she had a mini break down, stomped off to bed and promptly fell asleep.

Luckily, sleeps cures all and we had breakfast and kim bop for breakfast the next morning. Let me tell, it was a REALLY good cake (nothing like cake and coffee for breakfast:))

Her birthday celebrations will continue later this month with a Roller Garden rollerskating party with her friends in MPLS when we are back for Korean Camp.  Lucky girl:)

Kay -we love you! We love your passion, energy, creativity, independence, busy-ness, humor, talents and even your tantrum's. We love everything about you!! Have a wonderful 9th year pook-a-rook:)