Monday, July 02, 2012

Rock On!!

Last year, you might remember, Young James participated in rock band camp. It was such a hit, we signed up again. What a fun week!  Jimmy met 15 other kids that are as into music as he is. They got together everyday for 5 hours and practiced, picked songs, learned to play as a group, set up and took down "the stage" and overall had a great time.  He was in a band with 3 other kids (boys) and they named themselves My Grandma Fell Off the Roof. When asked "whats up with the name?" we havent been able to get a straight answer. In fact, that seems to be a theme with Rock Band Camp, we cant get him to open up at all about it. How is it? Fine. Do you like the other kids? Yes. Are you having fun? Yes. What songs are you doing? Not telling, you'll have to wait for the surprise.

He kept his secrets all week and we came together on Friday night at The Eagles Club in South Minneapolis. Unlike last year, this is a real bar with a real stage. His 1st gig in a dive bar, we were so proud!  His band was up 1st and once again, Jimmy shocked us. They launched into 21 Guns" by Green Day with Jimmy as lead singer. They rocked it!  The next song up?  Hard Days Night by the Beatles and the finale was Black Submarine by The Black Keys. Honestly, their last song was really really good. Ryan (his band instructor this winter and for camp) was lead singer on the last 2 songs and Jimmy was the showman. Big white sunglasses, spinning his sticks, introducing the band, etc. He really is ham and was having a great time.

The Millers, Grandma & Grandpa Murphy and Wendy& Annemiek were in the house and everyone was amazed by all the kids talent and passion. What a fun way to spend a Friday night, live local music:)

See the links below for the replay performance. You can say you "knew him when". Thanks to West Bank School of  Music for their program, attitude, teaching and overall coolness factor.