Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Early this Spring we forgot to take down one of the garland/ Christmas decorations and before we could a family of finch's decided to make their home on the garland. The kids loved it because they could watch the birds from our kitchen window. Kay was so interested she came home from school with a bird book, all 795 pages worth.

This is why we know they are finch's, and Purple Finches at that,not because we are bird lovers. The happy couple spent days creating their happy home and providing hours of entertainment for the kids. The thing about birds is that they chirp, alot. The couple also doing what birds do in a nest created an happy bird family, with three lovely children, which also chirp alot, constantly, because they are hungry.

The young birds are growing up becoming louder because they need more food, and constant attention from their parents, fighting about bird work, ie: you fly first,now way you, I am not leaving the nest, give me that worm and things like that and of course chirping because they are hungry. The other thing about birds and eating is, yep you guessed it, they poop, alot, all over our front step! ALOT

The birds are getting ready to leave the nest, the kids have lost interest and I for one have to! Note to self complete the to do list next Spring!

Happy Spring!