Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kay's flash mob "scene"

Kay has been getting HIGHLY involved in Girl Scouts (Brownies) this year. She loves the crafts, learnings, activities, friends and (of course) snacks. This year is a big year for Girl Scouts, they are celebrating 100 years and MANY of the celebration activities have been happening in the Twin Cities.

In late March, the whole Mall of America was taken over for a weekend of celebration activities. The place was packed iwth girls, their mom's and troop leaders, all dressed in green (Girl Scouts), brown (Brownies) or blue (Daisies).
Kay and I joined this feat in an effort to see, close up and personal, a performance by Disney Star China Anne McClain. She sang/danced with her sisters and Kay was thrilled, we even have an autographed copy of her CD.

Last weekend, there was a big celebration conference at the convention center. They were looking for giels to learn a dance routine and perform a "flash mob" at the dinner. Of course, Kay was right in the middle of it. After days of practice, she was ready.  The group was mostly Girl Scouts, Kay and her friend Grace were the only Brownies and Grace's sister Mia was the only Daisy. Needless to say, Grace, Kay and Mia got a LOT of attention. Check out the clip. You need to look a bit for Kay, but when you see her, she's  way too cute.

Go Kay Go!! Rock on!!