Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

To all Mothers everywhere best wishes and heart felt thanks you for all you do, especially to Tracy!

This year we had a very nice family/ friends type Mothers Day. Tracy had just come home from a Girl Scout overnight (as seen in the last blog), and was able to get a training ride in. That is one of the things she teaches us every year, passion and commitment. It is a lot of work and sacrifice that she puts in every year to train and raise money to help fight MS, GO MOMMY GO!

We headed down to Lake Calhoun where we meet up with some great friends, Radha, Kristnan and the kids, Tejas and Kiertie, another lesson Tracy taught us. We meet these folks whom became great friends while we were in India. the lesson of embrace your surroundings and enjoy everyday rings true. We had a blast paddle boating around the lake and enjoying a GREAT, Minnesota sunny day.

For dinner we had a feast of different types of Indian food which we learned to love in India and to make here at home. Spending time together is another of Tracy's favorite things and we love having dinner as family every night of the week. The kids each made Mom a present at school and we had a great night.

Tracy for all you do, teach, support and challenge us to be better people everyday, we are blessed.
We Love you and Happy Mothers Day.
You Rock!
TJKB; Nikki