Monday, September 19, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Weekend!

We just wrapped up our Grandma and Grandpa weekend and it was a blast! Grandma Bunny and Grandpa Jim came into town on their way from their summer cabin in Michigan to their winter condo in South Carolina. Yes, South Carolina from Michigan by way of Minnesota, not necessarily a linear route, but one we really apprecaited!

We kicked off the weekend with a viewing of gymnastics practice for Kay and Billy on Thursday night. This is sort of like watching paint dry with an occasional squirrel running past. But, they were hardy and good sports and Kay and Billy loved showing off their tricks on the bars, balance beam, trampoline and rings. Billy must have done about 40 hand stands and even HAD to do some push ups (although I think that was a behavior issue, not showing off). We also learned that Kay likes the chalk for the bars...a lot... over and over...every chance she gets:) We ended the night with full combat UNO. Jimmy took 1st and Billy took 2nd, they were thrilled and used every opportunity they could to rub it in.

Friday was a nice low key day of running errands, tailoring some of my shirts (thanks Mom!), and general enjoyment of Minnesota in the fall. We had dinner that night with Aubrey and Patti, Grandpa Jim's best friend since junior high. Aub is a famous teller of jokes, funny stories and practical jokes. We had a great time catching up. Also to show what a small world it really is...Aub's daughter Sarah and I used to work together in the same department at Target. Really, a super small (and fun) world.

Saturday had BIG plans in store. 1st up?! Hopkins 4th grade football (vs Wayzata team 10 - yes Wayzata has 10, count them 10 4th grade football teams. CRAZY!). It was a cold and windy match. Blue Crush (Hopkins) scored the 1st touchdown, only to be closely followed by Wayzata. Then, Wayzata pulled ahead and the boys in blue got discouraged. The parents and coaches did their part to "amp" them back up and they came from behind to tie it. With 3 minutes left on the clock, Wayzata had the ball on their 3 yd line. The tension was palpable. Could Blue Crush hold them and secure a tie? THEY DID! The crowd went crazy! I think I have an ulcer (seriously, the stomach ache that comes with watching your 4th grader play a competitive game of football is indescripable, I'm never going to make it to the high school level). Jimmy played almost every down of the game and made a couple great plays. We also had an interception on both sides (1 reason you dont usually see passing at 4th grade games) and some great runs. The boys in blue were VERY proud of themselves and it was a great lesson in not giving up and persevering. Go Blue Crush!!

We were hoping to catch the Twins game post the football game, but given it was overcast, windy, cold and the Twins arent playing up to major league standards, we skipped that opiton and headed straight home. Grandma Bunny spent the afternoon teaching Kay to knit and sew on Kay's new sewing machine. Kay is a natural. Seriously, she had the house covered in bits of fabric and yarn. She was in heaven and I think my Mom was too. Let's just say my sisters and I never showed the same passion for the creative arts as Kay does. I think they are kindred souls. Speaking of kindred souls...that afternoon, Jimmy & Grandpa watched more sports on TV and Billy played Legos.

Grandma Bunny made us a delicious dinner of Algerian chicken, Kay made a homemade apple pie (with apples from our tree) and I made a batch of turkey noodle soup, the house smelled DIVINE!

We ended the night with family movie night "Soul Surfer". It was SO good, seriously, see it. Very inspirational and the fact that its all shot in Hawaii doesnt hurt.

The Grandparents were up an early on Sunday as they have a long 2 day drive ahead of themselves to South Carolina.

THANK YOU so much for coming and hanging out with us. It was perfect! We love you!!