Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tribute to Dave the Dog

Dave the Dog was a great big, long haired Golden Retriever and he's part of what made Meadowbrook Elementary extra special. He came to school every Friday for 13 years and spent the day with the kids. He was in every year book and even has his own bulletin board (Dave in the library, Dave at music, Dave at recess, etc). The kids loved him and we loved him. Here is the notice that came home from school on Friday. The kids were very sad and made homemade cards for Joan.

" Good Morning Everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that Dave, our office dog, is not at school today. Dave died this week. He was 13 1/2 years old and that is very old for a dog - if he was a human he would have been almost a hundred years old. His body just wore out. But, for 13 1/2 years Joan shared her dog, Dave, with us. This means that the students who were in kindergarten when Dave was a puppy are now in college. Students who were in sixth grade when Dave was a pully are now finished with college, have jobs and some of them have dogs of their own. Dave wore Halloween costumes, was in the Paris style show and was always available to be petted, read to or to be greeted by you with a "hi Dave!"

If you have happy memories of Dave or a fun story about Dave that you would like to share, write it down and bring it to the office and give it to Joan. Or if you would just like to thank Joan for sharing her dog, Dave, with us or tell her that you miss him too, you can come by and tell Joan. Greta (the principle)".

The silver lining? Toby, the pug/boxer puppy, started school a few weeks back. He got to train in under Dave and will be taking up where Dave left off:)

Big hugs to all the dog lovers out there!