Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three Bears and a Bog

Martin Luther King stated " I have a dream" which I firmly believe had nothing to do with water parks, really!

In Warrens Wisconsin, tucked into the side of the highway is the picturesque Three Bears Water park. The Millers met us and we found out (eading the fine line details would have told us this too) why the rooms were so inexpensive, that is to say the water park was open until 9:00 pm on Saturday and open 9:00-1:00 on Sunday and closed on Monday. So much for taking advantage of a long weekend and a no school Monday. That did not stop the to the water!

The water park itself was no different that any other water park, meaning a big open space with a couple of different slides, a lazy river, a small kids area and the potential for any number of air born viruses and no heat. We let the kids go crazy and they had a ball. There is a hot tub with an opening that went outside and Jimmy thought that was awesome. He entertained the rest of the guests by climbing out of the hot tub and rolling around in the snow. I forgot to mention that the temp was about 10 below! Kay on the other hand could not get enough of the slides and the tunnel. She was consatantly running fron one tunnel to the next with a manical laugh and a shout. Bill was content to play in the tower and castle and make new friends.

Dinner that night was a bad buffet but it was fast and when the kids need to eat, there is no time to wait!

The rooms were actually the best part of the place. We had a suite which had two sets of bunk beds a nice sitting area with a table and a master bedroom complete with a door that closed off the kids and allowed for a peacefil night sleep!

Saturday the kids slept until 10:00 and we hit the water park for a couple hours of play and then it was off to Fort McCoy, outside of Tomah for snow tubing. The thought was the kids would be outside in the cold for a couple of hours and get worn out. As it turned out they all loved it, even Wyatt and we were there until they kicked us out around 5:30. The place is great they have 5 different runs with a special tow rope that hooks unto the inner tube and pulls you up the hill. All you had to do was line up the tube, jump on and hang on for dear life. They had singles and doubles so Tracy and Billy paired up and Tom with Kay leaving Jimmy on his own, which he loved.

As many of you know Wade and Angela are hosting Rica, who is from Germany and spending the school year in Minnesota. Rica is a blessing and she signed up to watch the kids on Saturday night so we could have a date night. Tracy has been obsessing about this place called The Bog. It is a restaurant at the same exit as the water park and the place is great. Brad and Georgette Martin own and operate The Bog and their food is great and the prices super reasonable. No trip to Warrens is complete without a stop at the Bog, make sure to tell them the Loudamericans sent you! (Be sure to order a house specialty cranberry drink, they are YUMMY!)

Monday we checked out and headed back towards home with a stop at the Stout Ale house in Menominee , note to self, on your birthday you can drink all day for free! The weekend was a blast and as usual the company great. We look forward to the next Murphy/Miller outing!
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