Thursday, January 20, 2011

Radio Silence

Ok ok, we know, we havent posted in a while. In fact, there are a few times through out the year when we go into 'radio silence' so to speak. What's up? What in the world are we doing? Well, like everyone our little family goes through cycles of adventure, fun, happiness and routine and then... dullness, work and introspection. I'd say the 1st few week of 2011 were the later.

As we re-started school after break and began staring down a long winter ahead of us, we've been nesting, reflecting, resting and getting back into our normal routines again (whatever normal is).

From a nesting, resting and routine perspective, the kids are back at it with:

~ drum lessons

~ piano lessons

~ basketball practice has started, 1st game this weekend!

~ gymnastics fall session is coming to an end and so evaluations for the next level are this week

~ boy scout pine wood derby prep, the race is tonight!

~ getting ready for girl scout cookie sales and a cool Feed My Starving Children volunteer event

~ Tracy signed up for yoga (yes, I know, I hate yoga and this class is underscoring that, but...I do feel better when its done and its 1 of my self improvement projects for 2011)

~ Tom (finally) went in to get his hearing checked and sure enough, he cant hear. So, now its a deep consideration of hearing aids (he's being very open about this and I'm proud of his decision as hard as it had to be!)

All this "reordering" of our lives has also forced us to reflect. The last year has been "the best of times/the worst of times". We have really had amazing adventures and experiences in 2010. We are blessed with a strong support network of people we love and enjoy being around.

ALL the good are faithfully logged on this site so that we can share with you!

Unfortunately, life also hands everyone "unbloggable" events as well. NONE of which have been logged. Why? Well...they are hard, heart wrenching, life changing decisions, changes and new patterns we are trying to establish and posting them for the world to see feels a bit TOO vulnerable with the stage we are at. Tom and I have been trying to live very intentionally as people, partners, parents and friends. Much of what we are struggling with are internal struggles that we both carry separately and need to work through independently but with each others support. We firmly believe that we will continue to grow through this and it'll flow down into our relationship and all our other relationships, but its not easy. We are both trying to change habits, let go of beliefs about ourselves that no longer serve us and understand who we want to be vs who we've always been. This has caused pain for ourselves and unfortunately, for others. Unfortunately, the largest is a rather deep riff with Tom's immediate family that we hope to heal one day, but we also know that we each need to heal 1st. We are very grateful that we have been able to continue a relationship with his mother as it gives us hope that there is healing for all in the future.

So, without sharing too much on a internet wide public site (:)) that's what we are up to in these times of radio silence. Stick with us. We'll be back with more adventures and a sunny attitude, but know, these times of silence are equally as necessary and important.

Big hugs of love!!

(P.S. we promise to post a pine wood derby update and water park weekend update SOON!!)