Sunday, August 22, 2010

Old Friends and a Birthday

This past week we had the great fortune to re-connect with our friends the Cady's. Pat, Mary Griffin, Marley and Pipper were just passing through on their way to Switzerland. Pat is on an international assignment for the company that he works for and they stopped over in Minneapolis to see family and friends before heading off for this 2-3 year assignment in SWITZERLAND! (jealous much?!)
The Cady's moved to Arkansas while we were in India and we were all to happy to see them again. We laughed about old times, before kids and the new times, with kids. Speaking of kids 5 of them had a blast, Piper is still to little at 6 months to get into the mischief, however enough was had for her as well.

Kay took over as drill Sargent and had the kids lined up and down doing 20 in no time.We look forward to hearing of their experiecing in Switzerland and hopefully we can get them hooked up Debbie, Simon, Hope and Freddy our friends from Bangalore who are already in Switzerland and I may add are raising a pet pig!
Safe travel and God Bless!
Love,The Loudamericans

Our good friend and world renouned rock star Will Hale turned 50 over the weekend and we were invited to his birthday party/jam session. Will plays childrens music with a rock flare and our kids, along with a whole bunch more, love Will. His brother was the host there were several talented musicians at the party and when the signing/jam session started Jimmy was right in the middle.

He was beat boxing along with them and then at one point Will handed Jimmy a harmonica and Jimmy played Wills song "Meet me at the Library" to Will's astonishment. He commented that he never thought he would hear a kid play one of his songs let alone on a harmonica.

The whole night was great fun. Will likes cool hats so we gave him a cool hat from Shimla which is in Northern India in the Himalayans.

Happy 50th will rock on!

The Loudamericans