Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jimmy

Another year has come and gone and Jimmy is now 9! He is growing up to fast.

Jimmy was so excited the day before he kept wanting to go to bed so he would wake up and it would be his birthday. As it was he woke up a 6:00 and was ready to go, trouble was that the rest of us were not. We managed to delay him until 8:30 and then it was off to the presents. The big gift for this year, and we can not believe we got talked into this, is a Guinea pig. Tracy managed to talk him out of actually getting the little critter until after labor day!
Kay,Billy and Nikki were more focused on Jimmy's other passion and gave him a Vikings hat, backpack and the needed accessory the foam finger. We had a big breakfast and then it was off to the party.

Jimmy had several friends join him for a day of roller skating,pizza and fun. The roller garden is the place to be when it is hot and humid outside, it is air conditioned and cool inside. The boys all got into the whole roller blading thing and enjoyed themselves. The old sound tracks from days gone by have been replaced with the current artist of the day the likes of Justin Bieber, Lady Gagga and several others I have no idea of, the kids seem to know who is hot and who is not.
The day ended with the Mike and Gretchen coming over for dinner and a dose of football. Jimmy had Mike in the backyard for a hour or so running plays, practicing kick offs and returns. The Vikings were playing a preseason game and we watched number 4 return tot he field. He played four downs, Jimmy could not believe it and when we tried to explain to him that pre-season does not count he launched into a Vince Lombardi type tirade that every game counts and the whole season is the meaning of football and team work, after that he was so exhausted he finally went to bed.

The final gift came on Monday at football practice, his first jersey!

Happy 9Th birthday Jimmy
We Love You!