Monday, August 16, 2010

Camp Christmas Tree

The kids began week two of camp - we have them signed up for camp three weeks in a row. (dont read too much into this, august can get long for parents and kids on summer vacation:))

Camp christmas tree is assocaited with the YMCA and the kids went to the day camp program.

The week was super hot (hottest week of the year) so being at camp on a lake proved to be awesome. (tornados and thunderstorms aside) They have all the typical camp stuff - archery, swimming, song, skits, gaga (dodge ball game played in a circle), dirt, camp store, junk food, teenage counselers, tie dye tshirts.... You name it, if you went to camp, you are probably re-living it all right now:)

The week ends with family night - the parents get to come out, tour the camp and meet the kids friends. Its a free for all. Really. Tasteless hot dogs and skits that are only funny to 7 yr olds. Jimmy was to cool to sit by us and Kay laughed at everything in the program. Billy was funny to watch too as he acted like he was seeing it all for the 1st time and seemed more interested in rolling down the big hill than participating in the program (well, who can blame him?!)

From a "lets wear the kids out" perspective, it totally fulfilled its purpose. We had them on the bus by 8am and they came stumbling off like drunks with a hangover at 5:30pm. For god sakes, my kids dont usually even WAKE UP until 8:45am, so this was a long long long day. They were filthy dirty, hungry and tired. Perfect kid week:)

Now, next up .... nature camp. We'll see how that goes:)