Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kay's school play and Billy's creative side

The ending of the school year brings many surprises to us parents, what are children have learned and how well they are actually doing both educationally and socially and nothing tells a parent more about their kid then an appearance in the school play.

This year, as well as last, the first graders at Meadowbrook Elementary were proud to present "Rumpelstiltskin " The class takes one day out of the year, a drama coach comes in and they spend the day learning about acting. The drama coach stated it is fun to teach kids how to act, because it is pretend and uses their imagination, which comes easily with kids.

The roles are identified, costumes created and "let the show begin" Kay was the first born to the Queen and the one that was supposed to be given to Rump in exchange for the room of spun gold, however as we know that was not the case. She was great in her role! She goo goo'ed and gaa gaa'ed to beat the band. She did tell us the next morning that she did not want to be the baby and thought the casting call she answered was for the Queen. Either way we say way to go Kay!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Billy has been bust creating or as Bill says "cleations". Bill has a special calling as a Lego cleator. He as you can see has a special hat and glasses that tap into his cleative energy and allows him to cleate many a masterpiece. (The kid walks around Tom's uncle Don's fedora 1/2 the time, I swear he's channeling some old man somewhere).
Imagination and expression are truly blessings the kids give us.