Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This past weekend had one of Tracy's least favorite events along with one of her most favorite ones. The school carnival and Mothers Day were the bookends of our part weekend.

The carnival is a combination of kids on too much sugar and the adults on 'ignore the kids' mode which results in total chaos and raises ones blood pressure. The events are all great for the kids, pop bottle ring toss, throwing darts to pop balloon's, cake walk and gym skills set test. There are many other events these are just the ones our kids were interested (ie obsessed) in.

The food this year was a much better production than last year and the overall organisation was key. Hot dogs, tofu veggie dogs, cotton candy and a new addition and always a crowd pleasers, cheese curds. Of course by the time Jimmy was ready to eat the hot dogs were gone. (reading in between the lines...minor fit)

Tracy spent most of the time working in Jimmy's room with Billy on the pop bottle ring toss whilst Kay and I worked in her room on the dart and balloon event. Jimmy was on his own with his friend Jacob (supervised by Jacob's dad) and they together terrorized the carnival goers, or whatever two 8 year old boys can do.

The evening ended with our neighbors Kristin and Craig and their kids for dinner post carnival cocktails and good conversation. There are now only 364 days until the next carnival!

Mothers Day was a very nice and quiet family day. Tracy was able to get a 2 plus hour bike ride and an hour dog walk (side note: she is in full training mode for the MS150 and we are are proud of her and it is still not to late to make a pledge).

The kids all made nice and inspiration cards for Mom as well as gave gifts of incredible art, written prose that is not only descriptive, but it almost brings one to tears and Billy brought home flowers. Nikki even came through with a gift card for a Mother's day massage.

The day ended with Mom's favorite dinner, Mexican, and what a fiesta we had. Kay made guacamole, and cut all the veggies while Jimmy and Billy watched sports center. Kay and Daddy cooked the shrimp and venison and Mom made the burritos to Jimmy's instruction, nice and crispy. We had a toast to all mothers everywhere - birth mothers, foster mothers, forever mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends and women everywhere that "mother" in their own way.

Happy Mothers Day to all 'Mothers' everywhere.