Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As Luck would have it.....

And other weekend of Winter events in Wisconsin.

We packed up the family truckster and headed off with the Millers for a weekend winter get away in Danbury Wisconsin. We planned for skiing, snowmobiling, sledding and a Winter festival in the town of Luck. The Milers have an Aunt that owns a great cabin in the woods and we all met there Friday evening. The Loudamericans however had to stop off for a Friday Fish Fry, Wisconsin style and the fish was great.

Saturday we woke to the smell of fresh coffee, bacon and pancakes, what a great way to start the day! Then it was off to Luck for the festival, which featured a Ice Castle, snowmobile racing and an event that never before entered the mind of the author, a pile of saw dust. I kid you not there was actually a pile of saw dust that had a few quarters in it for the kids to dig around and find, really... What a mess. Angela and I were to meet Wade, Tracy and the kids at the "pile" and when Angela and I got there the others were no where to be found, we were puzzled as they left before us? Angela, in all seriousness said " There can not be two sawdust piles in Luck can there"? Finally the others arrived and we opted for trying to get the kids to play bingo instead of looking for quarters in a wet pile of sawdust. It was off to the races as bingo had no draw for the outdoors persons within us all.... whatever, as Billy would say. The races were well... lame and we headed off to the Senior Citizens Center for over priced sloppy Joe's and pie.

Later back at the ranch, or cabin, it was outside to sled and learn to snowboard. Jimmy was amazed at himself and his ability to learn how to snowboard in one day. Kay and Billy were sliding like champs, Wyatt was getting into everything, except his nap and Caden was building a bonfire (not by himself.... Kay helped) We had chilli and mac and cheese followed by s'mores around the bonfire and the kids finally had enough. Finally!! Because now the real fun begins, Christopher Guest movies, YES! Saturday night featured the classic Best in Show which continues to entertain.

Sunday was again a great breakfast and hanging around the cabin day. Snowboarding, sliding, bonfire, snowmobiling and the like. Tracy and Angela went for a "walk" around 10:00 and did not return until almost noon. Tom was using this as an excuse to go look for them and drive the snowmobile and with Kay and Billy... drove all over until he spotted them. Poor Jimmy got sick and was sidelined for most of the afternoon and evening. Meanwhile the rest of us had a great dinner and after the kids hit the hay, more Christopher Guest, this time Waiting for Guffman, yes another classic.

Monday was clean up and off to Wild Mountain for skiing and snow tubing. Tom and Jimmy had skiing equipment and headed to the ski area while the rest of the crew entertained themselves with snow tubing, and sure enough no one was hurt. Jimmy was on the slope for about 20 minutes when he had the whole skiing thing figured out. At one point I was trying to get him off the bunny hill and onto a chairlift, however it was not going to happen. He is quoted as saying ' You know what Dad? No what Jimmy? This is like a black diamond bunny hill!

Kay, Billy, Caden, Tracy & Wade hit the tubing hills. Have you ever tubed? Its crazy fun. Sort of water park speed/excitement int he winter. Wyatt even got into it on the baby hill. Too fun!