Thursday, February 18, 2010

Worlds Most Injured People

You would think that with all the travelling, school events, sports, gymnastics and music lessons the kids would run out of energy, well not the 3 loudest Americans.

It seems that the kids have been watching a little to much TV lately and have developed what many say may be the next greatest Reality Series yet, Worlds Most Injured People.

The first video features the brainstorming session with Jimmy and Billy laying the ground work for the show. Pay close attention to the busswords and remember do not try this at home.

1st one -

In the second installment the injuries seem to be more based on trail and error. Jimmy has somehow taken on the role as commentator and not participant, coincidence, we do not think so.

2nd one -

In the third installment Jimmy has added another contestant, Kay. It seems that to be a contestant you need to submit a form stating your favorite way to be injured and Jimmy will acknowledge that in the show. Remember the kids are highly supervised, and do not try this at home.

3rd one -

The content of the videos in no way represents the views of the parents. The content of these videos remain the property of the Loudamericans,LLc and are copyrighted under any applicable laws both domestic and international.

No children or animals were hurt in the filming.

Those wishing to become participants in The Worlds Most Injured People are encouraged to call your local crisis center or 911.

More to come.