Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stars of the Week

This week at school both Jimmy and Kay will be the "Stars of the Week" in their classrooms. Every kid gets their week to be showcased and its a very proud moment for the kids (and very stressful as parents because it comes with a poster, favorite items and basically the infinite indecision of what to bring to school to "show off").

We thought it might be fun to share what the kids wrote about themselves. The kids were super excited to fill out their forms and we needed to add some translation for Kay hense the ( answer).

I am ... Jimmy Murphy 8 years old
My Birthday is August 22, 2001
Favorite things :
Color - Red
Food - Hot dog
Animal - Dog
Book - The boy who burped too much
Sport - Baseball
In school - Reading
At home - Reading
Holiday - Season
Toys - Skateboard
Super Cool Facts
1) I don't like soccer
2) I'm Smart
3) Me and Ben are second cousins

I show others I care by ....Helping
My teacher is Mr.Davis
When I grow up I will be MLB player
Items they are bringing to school:
Baby picture at 9 months
3 photos of family & 1 of friends
Vikings helmet

I am Kay Murphy 6 years old
My Birthday is July 10, 2003
Favorite things:
Color - Purple
Food - Nachos
Animal - Nikki
Book - Numbers
Sport - Fishin
In school- Morkbord ( markerboard)
Holiday - Cricemece (Christmas)
Season - Sprg ( Spring)
Toys - Balsben ( balance beam)
TV Show - Hive Five ( Hi 5)
Ice cream - Mint Chocolate chip
Pizza topping - Vegs ( veggies)

My teacher is Mrs. VanBatavia
I wish To be a dog and my name would be nikki
I am happiest when its Summer
When I grow up I will be Face Painter
Items they are bringing to school:
Beary the bear
Baby picture at 7 months
2 photos of family
My little pony