Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ok, where were we...???

We left off at Kay's gotcha day and Grandma & Grandpa's arrival. Things really took off from there:)

We took the kids to go see "Up". If you havent seen it, its a great movie. Now, we are all running around yelling "squirrel" and talking about the "cone of shame". The kids laughed through the whole thing and Billy announced - real loud - in the middle of the movie "oh look, they are old and still in love". He's my little romeo.

Tammy, Jeff and the kids arrived late on Wednesday night from Michigan via Green Bay. They cant stop talking about the Packer Hall of Fame and now we have the itch to go too! The kids were quickly squirrled away to bed but of course the adults sat up to chat (and have a glass of wine). (They have 3 kids - Georgia 6 Joey 5 Herbie 2 - needless to say, the girls spent all weekend dressing up, dancing, coloring, etc. The boys spent all weekend wrestling, football, terrorizing the dog... who says boys & girls are different?!)

Thursday morning we went to Wendy/AnneMeik's for brunch to meet AnneMeik's Mom (Marie) and see their photos of Amsterdam. It was a nice quiet way to start the day. Egg bake, pumpkin muffins, coffee, tea, kids, photos, it was all really nice to be able to have my biological family spend some time with people from my chosen family. The kids played running races down the hill and left many colored pictures as presents.

We decided to smoke a turkey which meant it went on the smoker at 9am and we ate at 7pm. It was stuffed with pears and probably the best turkey Tom has ever done. We served it with potatoes, green beans, 7 layer salad, gobi manchuri, beet root and rolls. So, a little tradition from here and India:) The rest of the day was filled with football, football and more football. The boys are obsessed and we now have firm rivalaries established. (Unfortunately Jim F was sick otherwise we'd have had our extended bio/chosen family together for this event too)

Friday was -girls day out (lunch and a bit of shopping) which meant the boys went where??? you guessed it - to a sports bar to have lunch and watch the football game. We also rallied a mean crock pot of chalupa's (my favorite) and a visit to the Holidazzle Parade. (The Holidazzle is a parade of lights that happens every Thurs - Sun between Thanksgiving and New Years). The kids went NUTS! There was music and lights and Bullseye the Target dog and hot chocolate and Santa and I was reminded of the scene in "A Christmas Story". They talked non-stop, sang along and waved until their arms fell off.

Saturday was my parents 45th Wedding Anniversary so we had big plans... more football, food and playing:) We took the kids to open gym at school (where they played football) and when that ended, the weather cooperated enough to play at the park for another 2 hours (football again). We did a surf & turf dinner (steak & salmon) and toasted to the fact that NONE of would have been here or together if not for them.

Sunday was bitter sweet as Tammy & gang headed out for their long drive home. Mom & Dad left Monday morning early.

So, while we missed Sue, Julie, Ced and Solomon, it was great to get 'some' of us together. The kids acted like it was a big 4 day sleep over and even the adults got to relax a little. We ate great food, but, most importantly got to create some sweet memories of all of us together.
Isnt that what Thanksgiving is all about - celebrating & being thankful for all the love/family/friends in your life? :) (oh yeah...and football.....)