Thursday, December 17, 2009

Billy is now 5

Yep just ask Bill and he will tell ya, and anything else you may or may not want to know. Billy has now approaching the status of having lived in Minnesota as long as he lived in India, the difference of course is he did the India 2 and a half years all in a row.

Bill has come a long way since we set foot back in the good old USof A, and he even can speak English, pretty good. When we woke up the morning we left India Bill was the first kid awake because he tought we were going on vacation. For the first seveal weeks he kept wondering why we keep coming back to this house and "when are we going home"?. Bill also was missing rice and dal and his two personal helpers Raj and Florence. Bill had a hard time trying to adapt to no calling calling him sir!

Bill learned to ride his bike, he loves to go sleding and he and Nikki are two kindered souls. Bill spent the summer 'wimming', wanting to take 'leading' lessons and had a ball learning how to tease Jimmy and Kay. Ol' Bill (as he is know around these parts) is the last of the Murphy's with a birthday in each year and feels like royalty because of it. He had a big celebration at the airport museum in Bangalore for his 4th birtday and nothing says birthday party USA style better that CHUCK E. CHEESE'S. Bill and several of his friends hit Chuck E's like no ones business.

Bill received a crown and the other kids sang 'all hail the king', kind of remeniceant of being called 'Sir". The best part for Bill was he did not have a big scrap on his nose like he did when he turned 4, ouch!

The other kids almost had him convinced that he would go to kindergarten the day after he turned 5. Luckily we nipped that one in the bud, but I do think he's ready - although I am not sure Mrs Houston and Meadowbrook are!
Bill has become quite the philosopher in his old age. On the morning of his 5th b-day we asked Bill did he feel any different that when he was 4, to which he replied, no, I feel the same, and he was somewhat disapointed by the revelation. Later in the day after he had opened all his presents he commented that .."now I feel like I am 5". Bill and Mommy were talking on his birthday and Billy wanted to know "why did you chose me?", a profound question for a 5 year old auto-mechanic want to be. The answer is simple - he was perfect for our family. The bigger question is - why did he choose us?

Bill loves his cars and trucks so much it took 30 minutes of discussion trying to decided between a Lighting McQueen cake versus a monster truck cake, the monster truck won out. Bill dove into the cake with gusto which made Mom and Dad both proud and reliefed as the Lighting McQueen cake incident at his 3rd birthday (as it has come to be called), had us worried about therapy and cakes but Bill seems to have gotton over that.

Billy is a very funning and for the most part good kid. He is a quick learner and pointed out that the reason they call jellyfish jellyfish is because they are made from jelly! This coming from the same kid that tolds why they call spongebob squarepants spongebob square pants.

So, here's to another fun, adventurous, loving, crazy, loud year with our dear Billy Balou.

We love you Billy Balou!