Thursday, November 26, 2009

Santa and Kay's Gotcha Day (sorry the photos or out of order, I cant figure it out....)

We are diving deep into the Holiday's this year and nothing better than a trip to Macy's to see the Day in a Life of an Elf, finishing with a moment on the lap of the Father Christmas (or known to kids throughtout the world as Santa). No last name needed, red coat, white beard and the ability to make kids dreams come true, Ah youth!

This year we headed out early mainly because we had spent too much time last weekend in the house and needed a break. Macy's was surprisingly not crowded and we were able to get through the display without waiting. The kids seem to like it, the animation was cool and you realise how busy an elf is. Up at 5 breakfast at 6 snack at 7, 8, 9, 10 and lunch at 11 followed by a nap, more snacks and then dinner and bed, not sure how or when they make the toys but as the song goes, "I make toy's but I have aspirations, girls and boys before you wish for what you wish for there's a list for, naughty or nice consider the price for an elf!" (yes, Kay dressed herself that day - moon boots, brown polka dot dress and pink leopard tights. nice)
They each sat on this lap and they want (in order) a skateboard, rollerblades and a skateboard (do you see a pattern?) Then, we were off to write it down in a post card to mail to the North Pole (in case Santa is forgetful) and dinner.

Kay's gotcha day was Tuesday of this week (she came home to be a Murphy 6 years ago Tuesday) but due to our busy Tuesday schedule (gymnastics, basketball and Grandma & Grandpas plane landing) we went out to dinner on Sunday night instead. To.......Mirror of Korea! Yum!! They kids all ordered their favorites without even brousing the menu and Kay made me promise I'd get her a little bit of everything. They (once again) ate like we havent fed them in 6 years. There wasnt a morsel left on the table and if I didnt watch it, Kay would have eaten my finger.
Then we headed home and watched the coming home video of Kay. She was WAY too cute, and chubby and it was great to see Seoul, her foster parents and all our Australian friends (at least on video).
On Kays ACTUAL gotcha day, aside from all the sporting activities, it was more movies of Kay as a baby and cupcakes with Grandma and Grandpa.
It was a really fun start to the holiday week!