Friday, November 13, 2009


Like an old shirt the boat people reconnected in beautiful Mexico for a week of bonding, guacamole and sun.

This does not suck 4 began early Sunday morning with our 5:05 departure from Minneapolis to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The Murphy's, Milbrath's, Petersens and the Fosters all arrived safe and sound and the party began. We had each submitted a 7 song play list for the evening , Ben created a play list and we had cocktails and reminisced about trips gone by and had a blast.
We stayed at a beautiful home that is part of an exclusive resort group that the Petersen's are members of. The place had 4 huge bedrooms, a living room, movie/TV room, kitchen and it's own pool, along with daily maid service and breakfast, pachcha!

Monday was Day of the Dead, a celebration of life so to speak in Mexico. We all hung around the pool, read books, napped, read more books and waited until 3:00 when the fresh daily dose of guacamole arrived. After about day 4 we put a stop to the guac as we had more than enough! We had our own cook come in two different nights and we had two Mexican Fiesta's that were out of this world. We had Mahi Mahi and this new fish called grasshopper, really it was red snapper but after a few glasses of wine the hearing gets a little fuzzy?

The group had a blast reconnecting, sharing life stories and forgetting for a few days that we all had kids, jobs and we concentrated on being on vacation. Tracy and I managed to get a work out in each day and speaking of work outs as any of you know from following this blog there was a competition between the guys and the girls as to which team could amass the most miles, the girls won, way to go!

We went to the Four Seasons Hotel for cocktails, appy's and the sunset which was beautiful. Then to really signify that we were on vacation, we had a party within the party. Mr. Foster had a birthday and nothing says happy birthday like a sombrero and tequila! Happy 40 something Terry.

Five days sitting around the beach , the pool, our pool finally got the best of Tracy, Terry , Marry , and myself so we got a cab into town and rented a sailboat to sail around the bay. It was awesome and of course we had to drag Foster back to the shore.

All good things had to come to an end and we all said our goodbyes with a plan of a return to the boat in February 2011!

The Zack Brown band had the song of the trip that went something like this' I had my toes in the water ass in the sand not a worry and a world of cold beer in my hand life is good today, life is good today"

Thanks to Sue for watching the kids and to the boat people for just being themselves.