Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring has Sprung and its "that time of year" again

It's "that time of year" again....Spring Break week for the kids, a snowstorm in April, our St Pat's day party was a success ~ all signs that its time for me to start training for the MS150!

This year the ride is also a week later (a hopefully a bit warmer for our camping in Duluth) June 12-14th. I am really excited to be able to train on my OWN bike this year:) AND fundraising goal stays the same: $1000. Last year, you all were incredibly generous and helped me raise my goal. This year, while I know times are tough, I am hoping that you'll set aside some extra $ for this cause.

As a reminder, I ride for my Uncle Alan and all the people living with and affected by MS. I am not alone, last year over 3,000 people biked and there were 1,000+ volunteers: everyone united in raising money to find a cure for MS and to help people lead productive lives. (Plus its just a whole bunch of fun!!)

I'll be riding with my long time friend Wendy again and I think this will be our 15th year riding.
If you want to donate, feel free to check out - ePledge and look for my name, the ride is 6/12-6/14. Or, you can just make out a check to MS Society and I'll be sure to hand it in for you.

Keep an eye out for my training/fundraising blogs, feel free to pass this blog along and enjoy Spring!

Take care,