Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ketchup "For Sale"

There has been this blue sign hanging off different portions of our house over the last week or two. Every time I ask the kids about it, I get the answer "we are selling ketchup". This has me puzzled...

Now, I know Billy loves ketchup, we go through about a bottle a week. He has ketchup on his hotdogs, his rice, his noodles, his tator tots, he has even asked for ketchup in his sippy cup (in his chocolate milk, eww....) but I was concerned about him starting to "sell" ketchup. Is this how dealers get started? 1st they try the drug then they start selling the drug to support the habit?!?! Am I raising a future drug lord?! (we arleady know he's in for grand theft auto, so having 2 felonys does not sound appealing....)

So, I keep asking ... "telling me why are we selling ketchup again??

Finally, an answer that makes sense. Jimmy says "Look... we are selling Pet Shops, you know, the Littlest Pet Shop toys?"

Ok, I guess it pays to pay attention to what is actually written on the sign and to what my kids are actually up to. If I had, I would have seen that immediately.

Kids = 1
Me = 0

(At least I dont have to worry about becoming an unauthorized ketchup dealer)