Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Quiet weekend around the house

yeah... right....

In my weekly quest to get the kids out of the house for a substantial amount of time on the weekends (so that Tom can study), Angela and I declared it Mommy/Kid day. We set off on Saturday with a full schedule:

Will Hale Concert

McDonald's for lunch
Tennis Camp
The Will Hale concert was fun. Its billed as a "rock concert for kids" and he does a great job of getting the kids involved (ie active!). The theater held about 25 people total and we were by far the loudest. Not that the others didn't know Will (he knew many of the kids by name) but my kids talked TO him the entire show. I mean they stopped talking when he wasn't playing, but when he stopped, they started. Questions, comments, interjections, requests, complaints, the whole 9 yards. In fact, Will announced "I haven't had hecklers before, but I kind of like it..."

He has invited Jimmy to bring his drums for the next concert and be his drummer. I am not sure knows what he is in for...

McDonald's for lunch, while a treat for the kids is pure hell for parents. Add to it, we were at the Midway McDonald's at high noon on a Saturday. The people watching was diverse and super interesting, but it was crowded, dirty and a general mess. 4 kids meals, 1 salad, 1 ice cream and 4 large fries later, we were ready to wear off our calories at tennis...

Tennis Camp - my favorite weekend activity is coming to an end. It was the last Saturday until September and included a big awards ceremony and treats (cupcakes anyone?) We brought a special thank you for our favorite coach Sharon and got a tour of her office. We also got a certificate and hugs all around. I am serious, I am really going to miss tennis. It was a "free"90 min's I had each week while the kids got trained, exercised, socialized and taught. The perfect outlet for both of us (parents and kids).

Saturday night was an impromptu family dinner with our gated community neighbors. The kids ran wild and the parents opened a few bottles of wine. The highlight of the night was an overheard conversation between "the boys". Jimmy and Anders were talking about school which led to a discussion about girls which lead to a discussion about crushes which went something like this:

Anders: Jimmy do you know about something called a crush?

Jimmy: Yea I do

Anders; What is it?
Jimmy: It is when you see a girl and then get red in the face and there is a cloud around your head with a light bulb in the cloud.... that is a crush.
Andres: Oh
God help us..

Sunday was miserable. 40 and rainy AND Jimmy & Tom had a 2 hour father/son archery lesson at the local nature center, which turned out to be surprisingly informative if you had never rosined up a bow before.
The bow was somewhat from the 20th century and the resistance however was not, but this was a Father son affair so the details were not so important. We arrived in our rain gear and assembled with the rest of the "class" and proceeded to the 'archery range". Now I must interject here that this class is being taught at a nature center by a group of conservationists and nature lovers. These people were extremely nervous when handing over the bow and arrow as they claimed it was a loaded weapon. Well in a since it was in that there was a bow and an arrow and when you put the two together you in theory could shoot someone or something with it.

Back to the class we are taught about proper holding techniques, proper names for each part of the bow and the arrow. The the proper way to hold, load and shoot.
Then It was off to the range, which was a made of area with 6 targets four about 16 feet away and 2 about 8 feet away. I mentioned before about this potential weapon well let me put it this way if the targets would have been more than 16 feet away there would not have been enough power to hit the target, follow what I am saying.
Well all kidding aside Jimmy and Dad had a great time and Jimmy was one of only two people to hit the bulls eye and was quite proud. He commented that he wish he could have hit the bulls eye as many times as his Dad but was proud of his accomplishment all the same. We are signed up for the next session later this fall and Jimmy wants to practice with his Dad's bow in the backyard ......