Monday, January 26, 2009

We are rich in friends!

Greg Brown (one of our favorite singers and someone you should check out if you have never heard of him) has a song called "Rich in Daughters". Well, Tom and I are rich in friends.

Last week was poised to be a crazy week and our friends & family came to the rescue. We checked into our hotel room last Monday night (at midnight -urrhhh) only to find that 2 separate friends had talked their way into our room. We were welcomed with a "welcome home Murphy's banner", fresh flowers, triscuts, cottage cheese, a few loafs of banana and chocolate chip bread, wine and chocolate...yummm...

Then, the week got better we had friends help us paint our entire upstairs, family that helped us move furniture and unpack boxes, friends brought over home cooked meals to the hotel so that we wouldnt have to eat out with jet lagged kids, friends that offered to GO out with us and the kids for dinner to help with the jet lag, friends that drove around with us running errands so that we had an extra hand with the kids, family & friends that dropped off winter clothes, boots, jackets, hats, mittens etc for all 3 kids (Billy and Kay have an entire new wardrobe thanks to their cousins and we were also gifted back some of Jimmy's old clothes. Its too cute to see Billy in Jimmy's stuff) friends that set up play dates to get the kids out of the house while we were painting and unpacking, friends that cut our hair so that we looked presentable at the 1st day of school (, friends that pushed a cart for us in Target since we ended up with 3 cartfuls (no, Angela, I didnt break your record), friends that continue to act as car buying consulants in an effort to get us a good deal, family that brought over dinner and their kids so that the kids could catch up, family/friends that organize a playdate for Jimmy so that he'd know other kids in his class at school, etc etc etc.... It was an unbelievable show of love and support and we are SO THANKFUL!!

We love you guys....