Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello Sir, may we come early?

What time? Sir there is a Festival tomorrow so may we come at 9:00? Sure 9:00 is fine.

Except that was not the case and the movers showed up at 8:00 and we were still asleep. Of course the kids choose the one day to sleep in and look what happens. Also, when was the last time someone in India was a full hour early?! Just our luck. We are destined for sleep deprivation.

So it is 8:30 on Wednesday morning and the house is being pack around me as I try to get one last post before they take my computer. Tracy and I are trying not to stress out which is not working! All is well, all is calm and in perfect order! Do pack that?? it stays??? The kids sir do they get pack? Help me!!!

So after today we will have our basic belongings and will truely be camping here in India.

Here are a couple of final photos. We think we'll be able to get computer access somewhere around here in the next few days but will not be able to post pics. Please realize that we will not have the ability to check e-mails until around the 25th so if we do not get back to you we will.

We will send out a blog state side next week!!

And these Dominion Mugs are the last thing to go!

All our love and see you soon!