Thursday, January 08, 2009

Major Purchase

So, we are not big souvenier shoppers, however, we did invest in 2 "big" purchases to remind us of India. A new dining room set for me and a pair of flip flops for Tom. See below for photos....

The main table is 8x4 and seats 10. It has inlaid elephants on the side and hand carving on top. Its all rosewood.

The extension table or serving table has the elephants but no carving. Its 2x4. Its the plainer portion on the "big" photo and entirely removable, but allows us to seat 12.

We also have 12 chairs and a china cabinet (of sorts) that match.

So, next time you are over for dinner to solve the worlds problems, we'll be doing it with a bit of "support" from Indian workmanship.

We think its gorgeous...

Now, for Tom's new shoes....

This is what 61Rs gets you in the way of footwear (generous conversion = $1.48)

Good memories all around. (I think I got the better end of this deal...)