Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer Loving ain't it a blast

We having been creating packing, to do and last minute detail lists for the past two weeks preparing ourselves for our first family trip back to Minnesota in almost two years.

To say we are excited does not even come close.
Jimmy has been making a list of all the food her is going to eat and topping the list is drinking gallons of milk!! Kay is looking forward to her Raggy Ann dolly she left in her room of which Mom and Dad have no idea what she is talking about. Billy has no rel clue what all the excitement is all about.

In the mean time we have also been having several going away dinners with our friends her. We had a fabulous dinner on Friday night with a bunch of our friends from Palm Meadows. The entire wing of the local Italian Restaurant was full and the food kept coming to the point that we finally told them to stop. The menus was:

Mixed Grill Roulade, Caprese, Bruschetta, Pizza veg., Ham Parma and Melon, Salami, Crocchette Patate
Lasagne veg. or
Pesto and Mushroom Pasta
Main Courses
Mixed Seafood Grilled Italian Style (Tuna, Kingfish, Calamari) or
Aubergine Parmizane
Mixed cheese platter
Tiramisue or
Spuma di Chocolate
Along with coffee and water

The best part was no corking fee!!!

We also had a nice quiet dinner with our friends the Herkelmens, first time on the blog!!, also avid readers of the blog along with fellow Targeters and bloggers, the Fischer's at yet another Italian Restaurant . We had a wonderful evening top off with Bob and his Yagermeister.

The weekend ended with the first ever 10k here in Bangalore we did not run the race however our friends Patty and Petra did and we say well done!!