Monday, June 30, 2008

We are alive and well

Wow, I cant believe it, our last blog was May 17th, yikes!!! We are really really negligent.
It has been almost 2 months since we last had a blog entry, please forgive us.

We spent the 30 days in MN fitting in 2 years worth of socializing, catching up, doctors visits, dentist visits, home remodeling, insurance adjusting, cooking, drinking, swimming, fishing, vacation and work! We are exhausted.

We did all this and then came home to ...
School starting (new classes, books, uniforms, schedule, friends....)
Friends (hello and goodbying to people coming and leaving our lives)
Work (yep, it really doesnt every stop:) )
Vacations (need to plan all we can in the next 6-9 months!!!)
And, of course, power outages, loss of internet connectivity, loss sim cards, etc...

So, here's our goal... Rather than bore you with minute by minute updates from the last 7 weeks, we'll do 4 main blogs and post plenty of photos to get you caught up...
~ Murphy Weekend in Park Rapids
~ MS 150 weekend
~ Fishing weekend
~ Other random updates on the kids/family/school

This should get us up to this weekend. At that point (ie next week) we'll update you on the 4th of July in India, Billy's Gotcha Day (july 5) and Kay's B-day (july 10)