Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Good,The Bad and the Baby

Saravana and Sunita announced the birth if their 'girl baby" on Monday the 28th of April. We went to visit and Kay and Billy were totally enamored by the baby and could not leave her alone.

The baby is now living at Sunita Mother's house for the next 4 months and then booth baby and Mom will move back to Saravana's home. There will be a big party and naming ceremony the first week of July so look for that blog then!!

The couple are doing great and are a both very happy, which is good.

The bad news is that Saravana has decided to no longer work for Target thus he will not be our driver anymore. We have been blessed over the past 19 months with him taking care of us and we will really miss him. He took care of the kids, always lent a helping hand when we needed him.

He will find a new job soon and we will still be in contact with him so wish him good luck!